Dickie Lee Erwin & Special Guests

December 8, 2015 @ 8:30 pm

Dickie Lee Erwin is a seasoned songwriter with 7 albums and 140 songs under his belt. A Texan who has been around the music business a long time, Dickie Lee, is a part of the Texas songwriter tradition of playing songs that come from the heart. Watching Dickie and his friends effortlessly play through many genres is a real treat for any music lover.

Dickie Lee Erwin’s Americana/Country/Folk Night

Each artist below will be our weekly special guest and then Dickie Lee Erwin’s Wilder Bunch will perform from 9-11p.
February 13th Ginny Marie 7-8:30p
February 20th Donnie Jones 7-8:30p
February 27th Rob Halverson 7-8:30p
March 6th Bruce Salmon 7-8:30p
March 13th Paul Hernandez 7-8:30p
March 20th Rob Halverson 7:8:30p


Dickie Lee Erwin’s musical history spans as far back as the 70s, playing with an eclectic assortment of musicians and playing an eclectic variety of music. A time considered by many to be the halcyon for Austin music and musicians. A time when the rent was cheap and a collective spirit of creativity and various genres of music flourished.From his 1980s’ award-winning bluegrass band Erwin Prather, mid-1980s’ band Seven Samarai (Ronnie Lane’s original Austin acoustic band) on to his nationally syndicated performance on The Texas Connection, Erwin continues.After touring with the great Dallas PUNK-GRASS band KILLYBILLY, Erwin went on to release his own CD THERE’S A MOVIE GOIN ON (producer Scrappy Judd Newcomb), 3 years later the much loved TEXAS MIDNIGHT HIGHWAY (Co-producer Hunt Sales) and released in April of 2006, Poppin’ Johnny. This is DLE’s first album to produce.