Austin Heat

March 25, 2017 @ 10:00 pm

The mighty Austin Heat. A collection of individuals this drastically different has never come together to make such a cohesive sound before, and may never after. Passion is the ingredient that keeps it working, and the members of Austin Heat are passionate almost to a fault. It comes through in everything they put forward. It’s evident in their two released recording projects – Austin Heat: The Album (2012) and The Hood River EP (2013), and is certainly palpable every time they take the stage. The Austin Heat live performance is a spectacle. From the humble start on the dirty floor of the old TC’s (Sahara Lounge) to their year+ long run as the Saturday night residents at the grand Stage on Sixth (Palm Door) and moving forward to the upper echelon of venues in Austin, TX & beyond, Austin Heat is unmatched in intensity. The tight and elaborate arrangements wrap around the unbridled soul and fire of the band’s frontman, Brian Scartocci and lead guitarist, Austin Roach.

The Heat’s rhythm section, Dexter Walker (drums) & Freddie Marshall (bass) are seasoned Austin musicians, having played and toured with the greats and part of the band that originated Austin’s cherished “Blues On The Green.” On keyboards, Small Don Burrows is a lifelong musician and songwriter and the band’s spiritual advisor, for sure. It’s as eccentric and paradoxical a grouping as it looks and seems, but a half a decade of dedication and camaraderie has propelled Austin Heat to higher and higher altitudes with every coming month. The band is in the process of recording new original work and has increased their repertoire of uniquely crafted covers, keeping their bases covered, and is always ready for any kind of action.